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Validation Estimating's Mission

Our mission is to help owner companies improve the performance of their capital asset and project management systems through improved Cost Engineering, Asset Management and Project Control processes and practices. Risk Management is an increasingly critical element of these practice areas.

We believe that good performance requires good work processes (i.e., Total Cost Management) supported by the right resources, methods and tools. Our services, from cost engineering and project control process and organizational development, through tailored methods and tools development, implementation and training reflect this belief.

We further believe that strong Owner Cost Knowledge (internal and external asset and project life cycle cost data, information, and knowledge) is crucial to improving performance. The company name, Validation Estimating, represents a key process step in which owner cost knowledge is applied. The name reflects our belief that owner cost knowledge is the foundation of strong cost engineering and project control processes and systems.

John K. Hollmann, PE CEP DRMP is the Owner of Validation Estimating, LLC

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